Holistic approach to software and systems development

PLM Starts with Requirements Management

Windchill Requirements and Validation (Integrity) provides a comprehensive set of application lifecycle management (ALM). This enables a holistic approach to software and systems development by facilitating collaboration, automation, and reuse across teams and disciplines. Reduce the complexity associated with the development of modern, complex designed and intelligent, connected products.

Datasheet – Windchill Requirements and Validation

How can Windchill Requirements and Validation (Integrity) help your team?

  • Holistic system and software design to define and communicate the actual interaction between product, users and environment
  • Consistent requirements management so that customer needs and quality expectations are reliably met
  • Improved compliance and reduced product risk
  • Develop product lines that support variants and optimize commonalities and reuse, reducing time-to-market
  • Control of further development and release of strategic software resources
  • Early and frequent quality assurance through validation and verification of requirements and designs
  • Sharing of best practices that can be easily customized, managed and incrementally improved

The PTC Requirements and Validation solution helps manufacturing organizations meet customer-specific needs for smarter, more innovative, high-quality products and systems

Key Product Features

Configuration and maintenance of managed and traceable requirements-based verification processes.

  • Advanced authoring and collaboration: Manage data efficiently with rich text and hierarchical views
  • Contemporary web user interface: Including document and item editors, document review and feedback, embedded OSLC client, and more
  • Enterprise scalability and reliability: Scale to thousands of users with one unified requirements and validation system
  • Customer and supply chain integration: Easily share and synchronize requirements information across team, product, and vendor boundaries
  • Streamlined compliance: Improve compliance, safety, and quality reporting with end-to-end visibility on a secure platform
  • Process and event-driven server-to-server integrations: Access to data through standards-based APIs, including OSLC for link and trace with Windchill and Windchill Modeler
  • Subscription-based access: Bundle software and support in one subscription to simplify budgeting, improve transparency, and reduce costs on unused software

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