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Digital Thread

What to expect?

PDSFORUM unites R&D engineers, designers, management professionals, and experts engaged in product development. The event is a dynamic space for individuals passionate about the Digital Transformation landscape within the Manufacturing sector to connect, gain inspiration, and share invaluable experiences.

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Connect and meet your industry colleagues
  • Get Inspired by Professionals from the Industry

The PDSFORUM Experience

Master Your Digital Thread

Main Stage

Talks that Inspire

We have international speakers coming from around the world, taking the stage and discussing digital transformation, the latest trends, topics and initiatives taken by the leading product and manufacturing industries


Experience the Digital Thread

showroom, with cutting-edge technology, where our esteemed partners — PTCAnsysAltium, showcase the very essence of the Digital Thread.

The Exhibition Room was an immersive space to witness the seamless fusion of ideas and solutions. Were it is not just about products; it’s about digital transformation. The Exhibition Room showed the Digital Thread and how it binds us together, creating something new that goes beyond limits. 

This was a new setting where attendees got to talk to experts, get hands-on demonstrations, experience the value of the digital thread, and more!


Hands-On Workshops with Experts

Attendees got to engage in hands-on workshops across four distinct tracks. On Tracks I and II, delve into the transformative potential of digital thread and pure CAD, enhancing project efficiency, quality, and innovation, and explore the seamless integration of various product life cycle stages, from conception to production, leveraging cutting-edge tools. On Tracks III and IV got to learn more about how to build modularity and how to develop more sustainable solutions. With modular product design for customization, resource optimization, and cost reduction. Learn sustainable practices across the product life cycle, from material selection to disposal, meeting consumer expectations and environmental standards.





PDSFORUM is an event meant for professionals to gain inspiration, discover the latest trends in technology and uncover the next steps in ones digital transformation.


Skilled speakers at PDSFORUM 2024


PDSFORUM is a place to connect and meet your industry colleagues, sharing success stories, challenges and establishing new business relationships.

Additive Print is a practical tool for people who need to build real parts, delivering an unparalleled combination of accuracy and speed in predicting:


Networking with peers


PDSFORUM is 2 days filled of innovation with inspiring speakers, relaxed atmosphere and hands-on workshops.


People attended PDSFORUM 2024

PDSFORUM – The Stage

Customer Panel


A New Era In Product Development

Learn how PTC drives innovation in CAD and PLM with Creo and Windchill. Brian Thompson and Mark Lobo, PTC’s CAD and PLM Segment General Managers, will share their vision and strategy for product design and development. Check how they can help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

Explore CAD


A Rapid PLM Journey

Evolabel revolutionized the labeling industry with innovative solutions. In this session, you will learn how Evolabel collaborated with QCM and PDSVISION to implement a rapid PLM journey, from the initial mapping process to the internal change management process. Evolabel share swhat’s next and how they plan to leverage PLM for fast decisions and value creation.

Explore CAD

Customer Panel

Product Lifecycle Journeys

Listen to Aleksander Patz moderate customer panel where NKT, Electrolux Professional and CorPower Ocean share their different digital transformations and how different companies see the importance of product lifecycle management.

Discover PLM


PLM Data Merge In The PTC Cloud The Why & The How

Mikael Gustafsson, shares their 3 year long project where Xylem merged two Windchill instances from one on-premises instance into the instance in the PTC Cloud.

Discover IoT


Design of Sustainable Product with Material Intelligence

With the partnership between Ansys and PTC the complimentary software portfolio enables a ​digital thread across disciplines, enterprise functions, and ​
extended value chains​.

Learn more about Ansys & Sustainability


The Journey From Old to New

Teddy Svensson and Karl Wennerholm talk about the Windchill implementation and the project itself replacing the PLM/ERP System Movex10. They share the details about the project with the technical solutions, lessons learned and the key factors to success.

Discover JBT Customer Story

PDSFORUM coming to Helsinki this Autumn!

We are looking forward to host you again on the 29th – 30th of October at the Clarion Hotel, Helsinki for the next edition of PDSFORUM!

Get the latest updates about the event, including the latest speakers, workshops, and exciting news about what’s to come!

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PDSFORUM brings industry leaders together and shares firsthand insights into emerging trends. Learn from those who have successfully navigated the challenges of our digital era. Witness a showcase of groundbreaking projects that define the forefront of design, product development, and manufacturing efficiency. Immerse yourself in a world of innovation that is shaping the future.PDSFORUM is your compass in the dynamic landscape of digital transformation. Explore the stories of professionals who have successfully navigated the challenges and gained valuable lessons that can guide your own journey.
This event is for all professionals in the product development and manufacturing industries.

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