myPDS Industry Packages

Rapidly deployable pre-configured industry packages for PLM

PLM benefits without the usual barriers

Complex product development and project IT system environments are no longer the problem of large manufacturing companies alone. Small and medium-sized companies also face the same challenges: increasing product complexity, larger volumes of digital product data, high compliance costs, pressure on development costs, an ageing workforce and less time available.

In the past, the answer to these challenges was to implement an elaborate PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) project – something only large companies like Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) could afford. While these corporate solutions meet the needs of large companies, they require larger upfront investments, in-house IT resources and long lead times for implementation.

myPDS consist of rapidly deployable pre-configured industry packages combinable with:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Targeted training plans
  • Service delivery methodologies
  • Specialized add-on applications
  • Packaged and managed services
myPDS PLM Industry Package

Reduce cost and time

Reduce the cost of your PLM implementation with rapidly deployable pre-configured industry packages for PLM.


Industry-specific, proven templates for rapid implementation based on proven methods and know-how.


Seamless expandability

Highly scalable to an unlimited number of users 

myPDS PLM Industry packages are rapidly deployable packages based on industry-specific know-how and best practices

myPDS PLM Industry Packages


PLM is the basis for the digital transformation of companies that design and manufacture industrial products. PDSVISION has set itself the goal of enabling small as well as large medium-sized companies to use an affordable and uncomplicated PLM solution.

myPDS PLM Industry Package removes fundamental barriers for companies that understand the need for a digitalization strategy based on PLM, but do not want to and cannot undertake the usually enormous financial or personnel efforts. No more fear of PLM!

PDSVISION’s pre-packaged solution is a fully scalable, easy to deploy solution that provides all the PLM benefits such as data archiving, document management, instant multi-CAD integrations, change management, quality management, simultaneous design engineering, project management, BOM management and visualization. 

myPDS PLM Industry Package is based on PTC Windchill

As the basis of myPDS PLM Industry Pkg., the leading PLM system Windchill enables everyone company-wide to easily access and visualize current and precise product information from a wide range of sources.

Key values

The myPDS PLM Industry Pkg. offers the following benefits, among others: 

  • Up to 80% lower implementation cost 
  • Customers benefit from best practices and methodologies from other companies 
  • Reduction of manual data entry by up to 20% 
  • Greatly reduced implementation risk 
  • Reduced time-to-market by up to 40% 
  • Reduction in compliance costs of up to 50% 
  • Increase in purchasing efficiency of up to 30% 
  • Reduce information management and search efforts by up to 25% 
  • Increase product development productivity by up to 50%

Packaging and functions

Clients can choose from three different packages that build on each other.

In addition, several additional packages (Building blocks) are available to add advanced features. 

The packages


myPDS Starter

The “Starter” option is the basic building block of the myPDS PLM Industry Pkg. and is suitable for design departments that want to create a robust digitalization basis through the professional management of product data. It represents the preliminary stage of a PLM system and its functionalities are also familiar under the term “PDM” (product data management). The “Starter” package can be upgraded to “Standard” or “Extended”. It is also possible to add additional modules. The package also includes functionalities that go beyond traditional PDM, such as visualization based on augmented reality. For a design department, a PDM system is indispensable and the payback period through time and cost savings is, according to experience, a few months.

myPDS Standard

The “Standard” option differs from the “Starter” option essentially in two points. Firstly, it enables the automatic creation of parts lists. Here the system offers flexibility to meet requirements from different industries. Bills of materials can be generated “bottom-up” from the CAD system of your choice, or they can be created “top-down” to be linked to documents (CAD or non-CAD) later. Many additional modules allow the system to be expanded, such as connection to your ERP system or use of project management.

myPDS Extended

The “Extended” option includes all the functionalities of “Starter” and “Standard”. The most significant difference is the functionality of Engineering Change Management, which is only available with “Extended” and is tailored to the needs of a wide variety of processes. A streamlined configuration of the Engineering Change Management is also preconfigured for plant engineering and special machine construction. For companies that want to build on an industry- and tool-neutral process that can be used throughout the company, the CM2-compliant change process can be selected. Companies and organizations that implement CM2 consistently contribute to meeting the requirements of quality standards such as ISO 9000:2000.

Our packages

Product Data Management
Part & BOM Management
Engineering Change Management
myPDS PLM Starter
myPDS PLM Standard
myPDS PLM Extended
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myPDS PLM Building blocks

Our building blocks are additional packages to support different initiatives.

myPDS PLM Tune Up!
myPDS PLM Apps
myPDS PLM Deployment Options
myPDS PLM Tools
myPDS PLM Feature Packages
myPDS PLM Services

myPDS PLM Tune Up!

Part & BOM Management

E-CAD Data Mgmt.

Role-based Apps

Document Mgmt.

E-BOM > X-BOM Transformation

Enterprise Change Mgmt.

Manufacturing Workplans

Technical Illustration Mgmt.

myPDS PLM Apps

Quality Assurance


Data Export Automation

Enterprise Search

myPDS PLM Deployment Options


On Premise

myPDS PLM Tools

myPDS Migrator

myPDS PLM Feature Packages


Signature and Stamping

External Data Provision Control Ext.

myPDS PLM Services

Managed Services

Technical Consulting


Roadmap & ROI Assessment

Summary – myPDS PLM Industry packages

The challenge

When undergoing digitization initiatives,
the following challenges should be
addressed to ensure successful value

  • Complexity
  • Time & cost
  • User adoption
  • Operational overhead

The solution

myPDS consist of rapidly deployable
pre-configured industry packages
combinable with:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Targeted training plans
  • Service delivery methodologies
  • Specialized add-on applications
  • Packaged and managed services

Business value

  • Faster implementation
  • Reduced implementation cost
  • Industry specific capabilities
  • Increased user adoption
  • Seamless expandability
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Lower IT operational overhead

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