myPDS Power Pack

Increase productivity with PTC Creo

The perfect add-on tool for PTC Creo

With the myPDS Power Pack, you can simply get started without needing any training. You get a standardized Creo environment that will significantly increase your productivity.

The intervention for the installation in your PTC Creo system environment is minimal with this additional software and runs via secure profile control.

The pre-configurations and central profile management in the Quick Start environment allow you to start working with Creo immediately. Through the myPDS Power Pack tools, you work and migrate faster and get results sooner.

myPDS Power Pack – Areas

  • Quick Start
  • Migration tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Automation tools
  • CAD Update

Quick Start Environment for Creo Parametric

The Quick Start Environment lets you get started with PTC Creo right away. Your desired working environment and required drawing settings are preset for you.

  • Standard-compliant drawing settings
  • Optimized user interface
  • Macros
  • Standardized components
  • Intelligent drawing frames
  • User-defined design elements

The Starter allows you to conveniently create and manage startup profiles in one central location.

  • Start Creo with different profiles
  • Quickly switch between custom profiles
  • Summaries of Creo configuration options in one profile
  • Works without batch file
  • Simple user interface
  • Authorization management
  • Easy access to support

Migration Tools for Creo Parametric

Migration tools allow you to easily standardize parameters, relationships, drawing frames and family tables.

  • ParameterMgmt: Automatic correction of parameters in Creo, entire directories, complete assemblies.
  • FrameExchange: Automated exchange of drawing frames, entire directories, ideal for creating custom and foreign language DRWs and standardizing drawing frames
  • PartExtractor: Fast resolution of family tables, entire directories, also for nested family tables

Productivity Tools

Productivity tools help you to become faster, avoid errors and additionally ensure a high quality standard throughout the entire development process.

  • BomPosition: Editing and management of component parameters, use in conjunction with PDM systems (Pro/INTRALINK and Windchill PDMLink), variable number of component parameters, flexibly configurable.
  • Library: Graphical user interface for standard and library parts, standard parts and assemblies, start parts (profiles), user-defined KEs, direct installation in the assembly, direct coupling to data management possible, enables the relationshipless replacement of components.
  • ZoomComponent: magnifying glass function for assembly components, fast finding of objects in large assemblies.
  • DimensionExpert: Automated creation of chain dimensions, collectively change dimensions of a component by value and naming.
  • AutoTolTable: Automated creation of fit dimension tables in the drawing, scan function collects all dimensions with fit, variable display of table and contents.
  • ParaEdit: Generation of correct and verified information of parts, assemblies and drawings from the beginning, project specific configuration files allow flexible control of parameters, entries in the model and in the drawing, intelligent selection lists, syntax check, mandatory parameters, visual support during input, verification of parameters during saving.
  • 2dTableEditor: Editing of drawing tables with Microsoft Excel.
  • BOM2Excel: BOM output from 3D and 2D environment to MS Excel, parameter list for part and component parameters freely configurable, output from assembly provides itemized BOMs for the main assembly, all sub-assemblies (one sheet per assembly) as well as a cumulative BOM, BOM templates (MS Excel) configurable without programming knowledge.
  • BoundingBox: Alternative to Creo’s own model size calculation, calculation of component dimensions, consideration of pure volume geometry, orientation can be specified by a coordinate system, saving of component dimensions in parameters, graphical representation possible at any time.
  • SurfaceSelect: Collect and select all surfaces, which are generated by one or more KEs, selection can be used for further functions like coloring, can be integrated in mapkeys.

Automation Tools

With the automation tools, you can have frequently recurring tasks taken off your hands. These are executed in a process-safe and highly automated manner. Integrate external applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or Office products.

  • AutoNum: Automatic assignment of identification numbers, use as object name and parameter value, matching of the drawing name with the object.
  • PlotFileEngine: Automated output of neutral drawing files, All drawings in working directory or WS, Support of common formats (TIF, PDF, DXF), Object naming configurable, Additional output of parameter lists possible
  • ParameterMapping: Comparison of drawing and model parameters, System information such as the drawing format can also be transferred as a parameter value, Avoidance of duplicate entries
  • Exporter: Automated export of 2D and 3D formats, listing of 3D and 2D documents belonging to a CAD object, collection of all drawings with the same name in working memory, working directory and search paths including all sub-components, provision of export formats in a configurable target directory: 3D models as 3D export file (3D PDF, STEP, IGES or Parasolid) and 2D documents (2D PDF, DXF, PLT)
  • DrwBackup: Automated backup of models including drawings, logging of process and result, archiving and notification
  • ObjectControl: Control of PTC Creo objects via a neutral CSV file, the transfer file can be transferred from any application, many functions are available for flexible control, objects can be addressed directly in PTC Windchill PDMLink, fast success with little effort, functions: Rename, Retrieve, Control, Save, Assemble, Erase-Component, Erase-from-Memory, Regenrate, Layer-Display, Suppress, Resume, Create-UDF, Delete-WS.

CAD Update

CAD Component Metadata Update Tool

  • Automatic CAD-Checkout
  • Open the CAD components in native application using WGM (Creo, Inventor, AutoCAD, SolidWorks)
  • Update CAD attributes and auto Check-in

The challenge

All companies have specific company standards and requirements to meet. These requirements and standards needs to be customized in the CAD environment and for each user. The challenge is to streamline and standardize this process and to make sure the users have the right possibilities to be productive. It starts with drawing frames and ends with attributes as well as useful tools.

The solution

myPDS Power Pack contains experiences from thousands of Creo implementations. It contains exactly what the end user needs and a lot more. Start your work with Creo with your company standards and requirements get access to a set of tools and goodies that make life easier.

Business value

With myPDS Power Pack you enhance the daily productivity by offering a lot of useful tools for automation and easier work. Improve performance by choosing the right configuration for your work and save time by automating specific tasks.

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