myPDS Migrator

Systematically Improved Data Quality​

myPDS Migrator – Powerful tools for data analysis and data preparation

Data Migration is a multi-step process that begins with analyzing legacy data and ends in data uploading and reconciliation in new applications.

myPDS Migrator is a set of tools which enables data transfer between external software, updates of data and automate import of data.

Data preparation and data analysis for a perfect migration.


Quick update of data files

  • Windchill database actions based on CSV files
    • Attribute values
    • Name, number, file name
    • Locations
    • Links


Respond flexibly to customer requirements

  • Automated exchange of drawing frames
  • Complete directories
  • Best for creating
    • customized DRWs
    • foreign language DRWs
    • standardization of drawing frames


The ultimate tool for preparing migrations

  • Automatic correction of parameters in Creo/Elements/Pro
  • Entire directories or complete assemblies
  • Functions
    • Rename
    • Designate
    • Delete
    • Copy


Quick extraction of inventory data

  • Automated export of native Creo data from third party systems
  • Scope definition via lists or directories
  • Provision of metadata
  • Last status only


Quick import of native data

  • PreCheck functions
  • Automated import of Creo data to Windchill PDMLink
  • Based on lists or directories
  • Data corrections
  • Parameter
  • Relations

EPDM Extraction Tool

Extract CAD (SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor) data into disk.

In addition

  • Identify the duplicate objects
  • Extract meta data into Excel
  • Custom properties updates


Web based migration tool for Windchill (Documents and links)

  • Server level functionality into UI based
  • Users can upload from their own workstation
  • One or more documents (ZIP file) can be uploaded at a time

The challenge

You want to implement a new business application, you have to migrate your PLM system or you have to import a huge amount of data to your engineering environment. This always means the need to change data: attributes, drawings, data correction. These are time consuming tasks which have a high risk of creating errors.

The solution

myPDS Migrator contains a set of tools to assist you in a successful migration. It contains exactly what you need to speed up the migration. Import data from outside to your engineering data or change your existing ones. Change drawing formats, change parameters or do mass changes in the background. myPDS Migrator gives you the tools.

Business value

With myPDS Migrator you prevent errors from the beginning by offering a lot of useful tools for automatically change data. Avoid time consuming tasks by choosing the best in class tools for your migration. This solutions include experiences from hundreds of successful migrations and business applications implementation projects.

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