myPDS GDM Integrator

Brings Substance Regulation information into Windchill

A GreenSoft GreenData Manager (GDM)® integration for Windchill

PDSVISION in collaboration with RoHS Management Oy makes GreenSoft GreenData Manager (GDM)® accessible to Windchill PLM users.

  • Allow R&D to make strategic decision on component selection by presenting compliance information easily accessible in the Windchill environment
  • Simplify the extraction and distribution workflow of part information required for sourcing by GreenSofts data collection team
  • Get a clear overview of the current status in the sourcing process for objects directly in the Windchill UI
  • Export BOMs to GreenSoft GDM solution

”I spend alot of time informing R&D employees if components are compliant or not. I want to eliminate that need and spread the information so that it is easy to understand what components that are REACH/RoHS compliant and any new directives we might face.”

PDSVISION and RoHS Management Customer

About GreenSoft Technology Inc.

GreenSoft Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of environmental compliance data management services and software for the global electronics industry. For over 20 years we’ve been helping manufacturers around the globe manage their compliance data for chemical regulations and directives such as EU RoHS, EU REACH, Conflict Minerals and more

  • GreenSoft supports all current regulations
  • GreenSoft service covers all types of parts

Environmental Compliance Tools | Data Services | Software | GreenSoft (

About RoHS Management Oy

RoHS Management Oy was founded in 2017 and the company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. RoHS Management sells GreenSoft services in Europe, provides business as usual services, and gives customized trainings on material compliance management. RoHS Management has customers all over Europe and in all sectors of electronics industry.

The challenge

As more and tougher regulations are introduced it can become a challenge for quality teams to spread the information internally. Compliance data is commonly not considered during the design process which exposes many companies to a risk of iterating released designs due to issues during sourcing.

The solution

The integration bridges data between PTCs and GreenSofts products. This allows R&D team members to consume substance regulation information in Windchill PLM while allowing Quality team members to export data from Windchill towards GreenSofts GDM product.

Business value

  • Allow the R&D team to mitigate risk and make strategic decision based on compliance information directly in Windchill​
  • Faster turn-around times to collect and see compliance information​​
  • Eliminate resources and manual effort required to move data between systems
  • Avoid delayed time to market

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