myPDS DWG Worker

Windchill export application for DWG files to PDF

Automate converting DWG files to PDF

DWG WORKER enables you to automate the conversion process of DWG files to PDF. By offering information as neutral file formats, we allow easier consumption by more parties.

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The challenge

Availability: File formats that require a native software for review purposes are less consumable since it often requires a license and perhaps even a designated platform to run.

Time consuming: A manual conversation process is a time consuming and nonvalue adding activity.

Multiple sources of information: Information islands lead to time consuming actions and prevents knowledge sharing within the enterprise. They are also of quality concern since information can differ in-between sources.

The solution

myPDS Publish DWG Worker is a high-performance converter from DWG format to PDF. It can be setup and run it in Windchill environments for an automated conversion process triggered for example in workflows.

Business value

Democratize data: Neutral file formats allows more internal and external parties to consume information.

Digitalization: By automating the conversion process you enable users to spend their time on value adding activities instead of manual processes.

Quality: Data from one single source is key for accurate information. The possibilities the “single source” concept brings is more rich, accurate and significant information for everyone involved.

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