myPDS DeDupe

Mitigate and remove duplicate parts

myPDS DeDupe – Search and compare

myPDS DeDupe is a shape-based search technology which provides a unique and highly productive solution to the data proliferation problems found amongst major manufacturers today. We achieve this using a powerful shape similarity algorithm that identifies and removes duplicates.

myPDS DeDupe features:

  • Automates classification based on shape
  • Searches across MCAD/PLM systems to identify similar digital objects by shape
  • Identifies and reports on similar and duplicate parts
  • Operates natively across all major CAD & PLM systems
  • Queries database directly from CAD interface

myPDS DeDupe provides the simplest, most powerful, and fastest way to search and compare product data

Enhance the product development process:

  • Support new development in better part reuse
  • Reduce cost of managing new part numbers
  • Support sourcing and supply chain in part reduction initiatives
  • Clean up obsolete data

The challenge

Poor or lack of standardized classification and file naming discipline across a growing library of parts, an inability to locate and re-use existing designs, and the accumulation of parts (both digital designs and physical parts), leading to significant cost and lost productivity across the enterprise.

The solution

A unique shape-based organization, classification and search technology that allows users to find and organize part designs, so they can be more efficiently managed, reused and removed from duplicate inventories.

Business value


  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce development costs

Supply Chain

  • Reduce product management costs
  • Reduce material spend

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