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Correct information at the right time

myPDS Connector, a powerful interface between PLM and ERP

The challenges of data management in different systems are manifold. Information about products must be maintained both in the PLM and in the ERP system. The challenge is to have both of the system updated with real-time data at the same time.

Companies are spending a lot of time re-entering data and fixing related errors, which may cause that you are working with incomplete or inaccurate information when your PLM and ERP systems are not connected.

Therefore, you need to centralize the data between your PLM and ERP systems by integrating them to ensure an efficient flow of the product lifecycle.

Add on – Tacton Integration

Tacton is the Configure-to-Order (CTO) process tool which tightly integrates with EPDM. This integration utilize the Autodesk Inventor data from Windchill and share with Tacton for design automation.

myPDS Connector enables consistent enterprise-wide availability of data throughout the entire product lifecycle by connecting PLM and ERP systems.

The challenge

Engineering and product data are stored and used in different systems and accessed by different roles across the enterprise. PLM systems use articles numbers given by the ERP system and ERP users want to have access to manufacturing drawings. These data have to be consistent over the different business applications.

The solution

myPDS Connector is the right choice to connect PTC Windchill with your ERP system. Because of the generalized architecture myPDS Connector can be used to connect any ERP system to Windchill. A special module for the SAP connection is available. Data are entered in one system and accessed from different applications.

Business value

With myPDS Connector you prevent errors because of redundant manual work. Save a lot of time by sharing data between different business applications in a consistent and efficient way. myPDS Connector is an extremely robust solution to give users across the enterprise the data they need to make the best decision.

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