myPDS Collaborate

Interact with Windchill from MS Teams

Collaborate directly between Windchill and external collaboration platforms such as MS Teams.

PLM is a multi-disciplinary framework and typically has a very engineered user interface due to the complexity of the data and its processes.

With myPDS Collaborate, user can view the real time product data with only 1~3 clicks/ hops. myPDS Collaborate eases the user adoption issues, especially for the users who rarely views and consumes the PLM data.


With myPDS Collaborate, users can stay connected and view their PLM tasks/ inbox and process metrics at their convenient location and timing, for e.g. at their desk in office or while traveling or while operating remotely in the field.

As the digital thread evolves and stretches across the value chain, there are more frequent collaboration among the multi-disciplinary stakeholders involved in the product value creation. With myPDS Collaborate, users can leave behind the digital trace of their chats, calls and meetings in the PLM system.

There is no training required for myPDS Collaborate since the user interface is the same irrespective of the device and the hosting application.

myPDS Collaborate is supported on multiple devices – Desktop, iPad, Mobiles. This will be for example be very helpful for field support users or the ones on the shop floor for viewing work instructions.

Multi-Level Drill-Down Dashboards

Apart from users PLM inbox/ tasks, myPDS Collaborate provides the following dashboards

  • Change (PR, CR, CN)
  • Quality (NC, CAPA)
  • Project & Deliverables
  • Process Metrics (Change & Quality)
  • Any Custom Dashboard, as required
  • All dashboards are multi-level drill-down reports supported with tabular data, pagination and search capabilities within the table.

The challenge

Find correct information and data for the specific task, when you need it can be a hassle even if you have access to the enterprise PLM data. One common user interface do not fit all the different stakeholders, which may result in decreased productivity, increase risk for product reliability and increased costs.

The solution

myPDS Collaborate is a suite of apps built on ThingWorx Navigate. The apps gives non-experts quick and easy access to PLM data such as drawings, documents, process plans, and change requests and notices. People in manufacturing, procurement, service, sales and marketing, and engineering can view real-time, accurate PLM content on a simple, job-specific interface.

Business value

myPDS Collaborate improves user adoption and productivity. Different use cases can help organizations increase collaboration, solve operational challenges, and reach goals for product reliability, safety, on-time delivery, and innovation.

  • Decisions will be more informed and made more quickly.
  • Productivity will increase as data is more easily found and communicated.
  • Customer satisfaction will improve because product information will be more accurate.

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