PTC Mathcad webinars

Join us for our Mathcad webinars. Take part in the latest updates, tips & tricks, or introduction to what is Mathcad and the benefits of this tool. We have a mix of webinars that are both for new and advanced users.

News in Prime 9

Mathcad Prime is the industry’s leading engineering software. It is a powerful calculation software that combines an engineering notebook with a powerful mathematical engine with which you can analyze, solve, document, and share notes and calculations. Join this webinar to get the latest news and updates on Mathcad 9! 

Tips & Tricks in Mathcad 9

Get the most out of your work with Mathcad Prime. Our Mathcad expert will show you some helpful hands-on tips and tricks that will speed up your workflow in Mathcad Prime, and show you how to avoid some common mistakes. Although this webinar is more focused for those who are experienced Mathcad users, there are plenty of tips for beginners as well. 

Migration from Mathcad 15 to Mathcad Prime 9

Are you ready for the leap from Mathcad 15 to Mathcad 9, but are unsure of how to do it? Look no further! In this webinar, you will get some pointers on how to easily convert Mathcad 15 worksheets to the Mathcad Prime 9 format with a few simple steps. This webinar is for experienced Mathcad users moving from Mathcad 15 to Mathcad Prime 9.


Nordics - Mathcad Webinars
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Dates: 13 APR 2023

Time: 10:00 am CET

Location: Virtual

Duration: 60 min

Language: Swedish

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