KeyShot – Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Workflow

KeyShot – Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Workflow

Join our webinar to learn the best Tips & Tricks to optimize your workflow and see how you can easily achieve great renderings with KeyShot.

In this webinar we have Saskia Failla, Creative Specialist at Luxion, share her best and most important tips and tricks for a faster workflow and gain faster results.

This webinar will showcase topics about:

  • Materials
  • Lighting setups
  • Cameras and render setting.

This results in a time-saving and creative workflow for optimized visual creation.

Why join in?

Make sure to participate in this joint webinar and learn how to:

  • Create stunning visuals from your designs
  • Learn how to make more informed design decisions
  • Discover how to quickly create variations of concepts faster for customer, manufacturing, or marketing

Who is it for?

This webinar will focus on making the workflow easier while creating renderings faster for internal and external communication.

It is especially ideal for KeyShot beginners with little visualization experience or a perfect opportunity to freshen up your rendering skills and gain inspiration.


Saskia Failla – Creative Specialist at Luxion, the makers of KeyShot. Saskia has almost five years of experience in the various areas of images, animations, configuration, AR, and VR and has also taught training for beginners and advanced users.

Martin Haglund – Business Developer at PDSVISION.

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Webinar info

Dates: 23 NOV 2023

Time: 09:00 am CEST

Location: Virtual

Language: English

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