Improved Efficiency, Collaboration, and Compliance with Codebeamer

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Improved Efficiency, Collaboration, and Compliance with Codebeamer

Software is revolutionizing various industries, reshaping consumer expectations and behaviors, and driving innovation, efficiency, and connectivity. In automotive, Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) are redefining the driving experience by decoupling hardware and software, enabling greater flexibility and customization in vehicle functions, from power management to driver assistance systems.

Traditionally, many software and hardware development teams have adopted ad-hoc approaches to tooling, resulting in inefficiencies such as using Excel sheets and email for managing requirements. As various industries adapt to the software-driven landscape, the need for effective collaboration and quality assurance tools becomes apparent.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how PTC’s Codebeamer address these needs, offering core capabilities such as Requirements Management, Software Development, QA & Testing, and more. We will also demonstrate how the HARA and TARA data model is templatized in Codebeamer, using Front Light Management ECU project as an example.

Who is it for?

  • Functional Safety Manager
  • Functional Safety Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Professional
  • System Engineering Team
  • Hardware Engineering Team
  • Software Engineering Team (Managers, Developers)
  • Release Manager & DevOps Engineer
  • QA and V&V Team (Test Manager /Engineer/ Developer)

What value do you get from attending?

  • A brief introduction of the Codebeamer’s core capabilities – Baselining, Branching, Traceability, Test Coverage, Data Exchange and Collaboration.
  • A brief about industry-specific templates and how they streamline compliance adherence with safety standards like ISO 26262 and ISO 21434.
  • Experience a live demonstration focused on HARA and TARA within a Front Light Management ECU project as an example.
  • Gain insights into creating traceability from item definition through to TARA, ensuring a holistic approach to cybersecurity in your projects.


Amit Kumar Pandey, VP – Business Development & Consulting, PDSVISION


Amit has over 25 years of industry experience within PTC eco-system spanning multitude of domains encompassing PLM, ALM, SLM, CLM, IOT, AR/VR, MCAD, ECAD and traditional software / IT development. His expertise lies in product and process development, adept implementation of digital thread and digital twins, and the orchestration of closed-loop change and quality processes tailored to a spectrum of industries, notably automotive, industrial products, hi-tech, and medical devices.


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Webinar info

Dates: Apr 24, 2024

Time: 11:30 am ET

Location: Virtual

Duration: 45 min

Language: English

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