Design of Sustainable Products with Material Intelligence

Design of Sustainable Products with Material Intelligence

Join us on the 13th of June, together with Anne-Laure Chabrillat, Product Sales Specialist at Ansys, and Mikko Hinkkanen, Customer Success Manager at PDSVISION, to gain a competitive edge with material intelligence.

Any company’s journey to net zero revolves around materials. Product development teams need to assess materials that meet cost, performance and environmental requirements as well as consider changing customer attitudes.

However, engineers may be unaware of the sustainability impact of their chosen materials. These considerations must be made at the beginning of the design process, not the end – to avoid expensive re-design and slower product launch.

In this webinar, we will go through how engineers can make data-driven up-front decisions on materials at the earliest parts of the design cycle by using Ansys Granta’s material management framework, reference data and assessment tools, including fast in-depth environmental analysis of products, finding alternative materials, and sharing preferred materials lists with sustainability indicators per material.

We will also show the importance of having all these tools and data directly available with the Creo and Windchill environment, enabling real-time understanding of the impact of their material choices on a product at all stages of its lifecycle.

What value do you get from attending?

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Assessing material impacts, finding alternatives
  • Incorporating sustainability metrics seamlessly into their daily workflows
  • learn how to make data-driven up-front material decisions that accelerate progress toward net zero goals
  • Discover how data-driven material decision can also meet performance and cost objectives


Anne-Laure Chabrillat, Product Sales Specialist at Ansys

Anne-Laure Chabrillat is part of the Ansys Product Sales Specialist team helping customers make the most of the digitalization of their material and simulation information.

Mikko Hinkkanen, Customer Success Manager, at PDSVISION

Mikko Hinkkanen is a seasoned expert in CAD, and PLM, with deep knowledge in material science, manufacturing, and analysis methods like FEM, and CFD.

Ansys Discover, Ansys AIM

Webinar info

Dates: 13th of June, 2024

Time: 09:00 am CEST

Location: Virtual

Duration: 45 min

Language: English


Nordic - Webinar Design of Sustainable Products with Material Intelligence 2024

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