Creo Chapters –
Design and CNC manufacturing in a single, connected environment with Creo

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Creo Chapters –
The Webinar Series

Every other Thursday, at 10 a.m. BST, join PTC and their CAD experts for Creo Chapters – The Webinar Series, a one-hour session, to get the most out of Creo’s outstanding features and tips for making the most of Creo’s interaction with other major CAD software.

The next episode of Creo Chapters on the 16th of May will be – Design and CNC manufacturing in a single, connected environment with Creo

What is it about?

Designing is rarely a standalone function. If your designs require downstream processes such as CNC machining, transferring them into a standalone CAM system runs the risk of your design intent & model based definition being lost in the journey.

Creo offers several different extensions dedicated to creating NC code for your CNC equipment. From 2D or prismatic machining, right through to complex 5-axis or mill/turn machinery, Creo can reuse all your design data to ensure that what you machine is exactly as the designer intended. And when design changes occur, Creo can automatically update the toolpaths to match the new requirements.

This one hour episode on Creo’s CAM extensions, will show how Creo can create and manage the whole life journey of your designs – from creation to CNC manufacturing – in a single, connected environment.

Why attend?

  • Learn helpful tips to simplify the design process
  • Understand Creo’s features and major modules, including the latest enhancements.
  • Discover Creo’s interactions with leading CAD software

Each webinar is led by PTC Creo and CAD experts and includes a live Q&A session to address all potential questions. A unique registration is sufficient to participate in the entire series.


John Fisher – UK Market Director. PTC

Darrsan Raveendran – Applications Engineer, PTC

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Webinar info

Date: 16th of May

Time: 10:00 am BST | 11:00 am CET

Location: Virtual

Duration: 60 min

Language: English


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