Multiphysics process modeling

Multiphysics with DEFORM

DEFORM is specifically designed to simulate cold, warm and hot manufacturing operations for preform optimization, tooling and product development, process troubleshooting and die stress analysis. Typical applications include forming, heat treatment and machining.

Developed by SFTC, automatic remeshing capabilities and robust non-linear solvers enable extremely large deformation material flow and coupled thermal behavior to be simulated efficiently and accurately – often beyond the capabilities of general-purpose FEA codes.

DEFORM is used by major aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment, bio-medical and nuclear companies, together with their supply chains and leading research institutions.

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DEFORM software enables designers to analyze metal and non-metallic forming, heat treatment, machining and mechanical joining processes

DEFORM simulation solutions

  • Metal forming
  • Heat treatment & microstructure
  • Machining
  • Mechanical joining
  • Welding

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