Trainingsübersicht: In diesem Training erlernen Sie :

  • Grundlagen über Thingworx Connectivity
  • Java SDK 1 & 2
  • Einführung in ThingWorx Flow

Trainingsdauer: 1,5 Tage

Trainingsort: PDSVISION Trainingscenter, inhouse oder virtuell

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch

Zielgruppe: Dieses Training richtet sich an Solution-Architekten und Anwendungsentwickler.

Tag 1

Fundamentals Overview

In this course, you will describe and classify IoT use cases, apply the ThingWorx development process, and use ThingWorx Composer to build an IoT Web-based application.This module includes interactive lectures and hands-on exercises.

  • Apply the ThingWorx Development Process
  • Navigate the ThingWorx Composer and Mashup Builder
  • Create and modify entities in ThingWorx Composer
  • Connect ThingWorx to another application to bring in live data
  • Build a subscription code that runs when an event occurs
  • Build a Web-based application to visualize simulated streaming data

Java SDK 1
This is part one of a two-part course designed for the edge developer. In this part, you will learn the features and architecture of ThingWorx Edge SDK-based AlwaysOn™ agents. Then you will begin to develop an agent using the Java Edge SDK, completing the agent in part two.

  • Describe how an AlwaysOn™ agent works
  • Connect and authenticate a Java SDK-based agent with the ThingWorx platform
  • Bind and synchronize a Java SDK-based agent with the ThingWorx platform
Tag 2

Java SDK 2

This course is designed for the edge developer developing their SDK skills and the project presented in the Java SDK 1 course. You will learn to push data, transfer files, implement events, and implement services using a ThingWorx Java SDK agent.

  • Configure property aspects
  • Transfer files between the client, platform, and edge agent
  • Push data from the edge agent to the platform
  • Configure disconnection properties

Introduction to ThingWorx Flow

In this course, you will gain knowledge of the different capabilities of ThingWorx Flow. This will be accomplished by implementing and running practical workflows in ThingWorx Flow. You will also look at some supported developer tools used for process automation and error handling in ThingWorx Flow.

  • Explore ThingWorx Flow
  • Identify the components of the ThingWorx Flow dashboard
  • Configure OAuth with workflows
  • Explore and use connectors
  • Apply actions
  • Configure workflow logic
  • Troubleshoot workflows
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