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Creo Training: Grundlagen und Produktivitätswerkzeuge

8. August 2022 @ 8:00 - 12. August 2022 @ 17:00

2.495 EUR p. P.
Creo Update Training VW Volkswagen

Trainingsübersicht: In diesem Training erlernen Sie:

  • Übersicht über Grundlagen
  • Grundlagen der Modellierung
  • Baugruppen-Grundlagen
  • Grundlagen von 2D-Zeichnungen
  • Grundlagen der Analyse
  • Produktivitätswerkzeuge für das Skizzieren
  • Produktivitätswerkzeuge zur Modellierung
  • Produktivitätswerkzeuge für Baugruppen
  • Große Baugruppen verwalten

Trainingsdauer: 5 Tage

Trainingsort: Düsseldorf // Mettmann PDSVISION Trainingscenter
*Bei einer Anfrage mit mind. 3 Teilnehmern bieten wir das Training auch in einem anderen PDSVISION Trainingscenter an.

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch

Zielgruppe: Produktentwickler, Konstruktionsingenieure und technische Zeichner, die neben der Modellierung und Baugruppenverwaltung Zeichnungserstellung nutzen wollen.

Tag 1

Fundamentals Overview

In this course you will gain a general understanding of different Creo capabilities, as well as some of the different workflows used. You learn the areas of the user interface, model navigation, and the different display styles. This course includes expert-led lectures, demos, and some exercises.

Explore the Learn Online overview process
Learn high-level Creo Parametric capabilities
Review the Creo Design Process framework
Tour of the Creo Parametric Fundamentals curriculum plan
Learn the Creo user interface, model navigation, and different display styles
Review basic Creo Parametric concepts and benefits of solid modeling

Fundamentals of Modeling 1

In this course, you will learn how to create parts with PTC Creo Parametric using the basic sketch, editing, and feature creation techniques.

Explore the Part Modeling framework
Edit existing features
Explore solid modeling concepts
Create extrude features from sketches
Create revolve features from sketches
Create sketches using design intent
Model a part using techniques learned in this course

Tag 2

Fundamentals of Modeling 2

In this course, you will review the Part Modeling framework used to create part models. You will also learn how to create parts with PTC Creo Parametric using basic feature creation techniques. These features round out the remainder of the basic geometry types you can use to create models.

Review the Part Modeling framework
Create Sweep features with open and closed trajectories
Create Blend features by selecting and sketching sections
Create different types of Hole features
Create basic Shell features
Create basic Draft features
Create Rounds and Chamfers by selecting various reference types
Create Round and Chamfer sets

Fundamentals of Assembly

In this course, you will learn how to create assembly systems using core assembly constraints. You will learn how to create explode states in an assembly. You will also learn how to use assembly features.

Explore the Assembly Systems framework
Explore assembly concepts
Create a new assembly
Assemble components using various constraints
Create assembly explode states
Create assembly features

Tag 3

Fundamentals of 2D Drawing

In this course, you will explore the 2D drawing capabilities of Creo Parametric. You will learn how to create detailed 2D drawings from 3D models using PTC Creo Parametric.

Review the different types of Creo documentation
Explore the 2D Drawing framework
Create drawings with formats
Add and modify drawing views
Create tables in drawings
Add BOM balloons
Create and modify annotations
Analyze drawing associativity

Fundamentals of Analysis

In this course, you will explore the analysis capabilities of Creo Parametric within the modeling and assembly frameworks. You will learn how to analyze models and assemblies with PTC Creo Parametric using basic analysis techniques to validate design specifications.

Review the Analysis framework
Explore the analyses available using Creo Parametric
Explore model properties
Use measurement tools on models and assemblies
Identify and correct interferences
Review the basic principles of Finite Element Analysis
Perform a Finite Element Analysis using Creo Simulate Lite

Tag 4

Sketching Productivity Tools

In this course, you will learn how to create robust sketches using PTC Creo Parametric. You will learn additional sketching techniques using the tools available for creating sketch geometry.

Explore the Sketcher Creation framework
Explore the various ways in which to reuse geometry
Use additional sketching tools to facilitate model design
Create different dimension schemes to capture design intent

Modeling Productivity Tools

In this course, you will learn how to speed up and improve the quality of your product design using modeling productivity tools.

Manage design intent in sketches and features
Edit features and parts using the reorder and insert mode
Create features by copying and pasting feature(s)
Use Mirror and Pattern tools to duplicate features
Create and manage layers

Tag 5

Assembly Productivity Tools

In this course you will learn how to speed up the assembly process using model management and creation tools. You will learn how to assemble models with PTC Creo Parametric using additional assembly techniques to create robust assemblies.

Review the Assembly Systems Framework
Manage components within an assembly
Mirror components and assemblies
Modify assembly states
Create reference patterns
Create component interfaces
Manage assembly failures and interferences
Replace components in an assembly

Managing Large Assemblies

In this course you will learn about managing large assemblies using PTC Creo Parametric. You will learn how to work with large assemblies to increase efficiency and loading times.

Review the Assembly Systems Framework
Create shrinkwrap features and models
Manage simplified representations in assemblies
Examine simplified representation methods
Manage simplified representations in parts


8. August 2022 @ 8:00
12. August 2022 @ 17:00
2.495 EUR p. P.


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