Aftermarket first in line in the digitalization journey

Digitilization Journey

The Swedish manufacturing enterprise Rototilt Group AB is facing a pervasive digitalization, where the aftermarket is first in line.

“We need to develop smart digital tools for support and management of spare parts that allow us to grow. The digitalization is supposed to boost our customer satisfaction while reducing costs”, Jan Karlsson, after-sales manager at Rototilt, explains.

“PDSVISION understood our challenges well and presented a way forward, which is why we chose them as a collaboration partner.”

Rototilt is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, attachments, and control systems for excavators. A tiltrotator is mounted on the excavator such that the excavator bucket (or other tool used) can be rotated and tilted, to increase the flexibility and precision.

Just as in any manufacturing business, the aftermarket is extremely impor-tant. The ambition of Rototilt is to be ranked as number one within after-sales. To correspond with this and manage the growth the company is facing, its services must be digitalized. That is why Rototilt now is building a solid platform for the after-sales service market, where the customers can handle their affairs by themselves and be provided with the information they need.

We must get more effective in our documentation, forecasting of spare part sales and in our following up and handling of support matters and claims.

After-Sales Manager at Rototilt

Jan Karlsson

80 percent more effective

Rototilt has chosen PDSVISION as its trusted partner in building a digital platform for the aftermarket. The first part of this is to implement the Signifikant platform and the 3D tool Creo Illustrate.

One requirement is to support an aftermarket organization that can handle growth without increasing the fixed costs or demand more resources. Being a scalable solution, Signifikant meets this demand.

“Signifikant suits a complex customer base, ranging from original equipment manufacturers to end users. It offers flexibility, as it can be adapted to the customer needs and requirements and actually any type of scenario”, Jan Karlsson says.

With these platforms, Rototilt will get a more effective after-sales service process, including the creation of manuals, instructions, marketing material, illustrations and so on.

Create business – not problems

One important objective in digitalizing the after-sales services is to make Rototilt’s products more accessible and create more business – simply increase revenue.

“The customer value is a central part of this initiative. A customer survey shows that one of the most important aspects was to be able to place orders in an easy way. This criterion is met with the Signifikant platform. And we want to create business, not problems”, Jan Karlsson says.

But it is not only customers that will benefit from using Signifikant. It also facilitates internal workshops and assembly processes.

A full digitalization journey

The implementation of Signifikant and Creo Illustrate is part of a bigger plan and company strategy. It includes developing the communication with the customers and make the whole chain digital, such as instructions, safety data sheets and service announcements. The full digitalization journey will be assisted by PDSVISION.

“Their team came in as professionals that understand the customer’s chal-lenges and the whole picture very well. The initial workshops and proof of concept established a solid foundation and understanding of all participants from different levels at Rototilt”, Jan Karlsson states.

About Rototilt

Rototilt is an international company whose success is based on the long-term, targeted development of products and processes, always with the focus on the excavator operator. It all started with the development of the world’s first tiltrotator and continues today with a wide range of products, including machine couplers, tiltrotators, tools, control systems and smart solutions that provide you with the opportunity to do more.

Rototilt is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of tilt rotators, attachments, and control systems for excavators

The company HQ is located in Vindeln

Employs approx 250 people


Construction Machinery


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