Vaillant Group

PTC Windchill as a global PLM system

Challenges & Initiatives

With the implementation of Windchill Vaillant Group aspired to reduce …

  • reduce complexity, time-to-market and infrastructure.
  • introduce systems engineering and smart products.


Vaillant has narrowed down to two leading systems: PLM with Windchill for defining material data, bills of materials (design & manufacturing), change and document management, and ERP with SAP for resource planning or production control. As a result, customers now have the optimal customer experience.

With a strong history with PTC and SAP, we started our PLM initiative with the goal of achieving even better and more efficient product development. It is clear to us that this will permanently change the way we work at Vaillant Group.

Head of Business Application PLM at Vaillant

Christian Willmann

About Vaillant

The Vaillant Group produces heating appliances based on condensing technology, solar thermal systems, heat pumps, pellet heating systems, combined heat and power systems, air conditioning systems and offers product-related services. In addition to PTC as PLM system provider, Vaillant relies on PDSVISION as implementation partner.


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