Global cooperation


STIHL was about to switch from Pro/INTRALINK to PTC Windchill PDMLink

  • at 3 locations (Germany, Austria, Brazil)
  • for 300 users


We designed the complex installation of PTC Windchill and implemented the platform together with STIHL in their system landscape. After successfully merging two common spaces, the design engineers in Germany, Austria and Brazil now work on a common database.

Thanks to the experience and dedication of the [PDSVISION] specialists and due to the good support during the migration, the change from Pro/INTRALINK to the new technology with PDMLink was completed smoothly at STIHL.

CAD Technology Officer

Gerhard Krebs


STIHL has long been established as a leading global brand for chainsaws and power tools – today, STIHL is developing more and more into an international mechatronics company that, in addition to its traditional business areas, is also involved in Big Data, algorithms and cloud computing.




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STIHL Chainsaw

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