Digitalization with ThingWorx Navigate


SEEGER-ORBIS had the challenge of

  • processing tool design orders manually and documents which were filled out by hand, making them error-prone and poorly traceable
  • losing time for the actual tasks as the design department was providing data at great expense


We implemented a completely digital order process at SEEGER-ORBIS. Orders are now processed via a Kanban board with role-specific views.

As a result, the company benefits from the elimination of additional data provision by the design department. In addition, the tool shop receives an order with all relevant data (including Creo and DXF documents).

From the very beginning, [PDSVISION] created mock-ups that outline the future solution and the user interface. This pictorial approach rapidly advanced the coordination of the desired process flow. […] After only a short familiarization phase, the colleagues from toolmaking have accepted the digitalized process flow. For each order, they are now all able to independently view the required documents via ThingWorx Navigate.


Since more than 100 years, the company is the world market leader in fasteners, retaining rings, snap rings/circlips or support and shim washers for a wide range of applications in the automotive industry, for wholesalers, in the field of renewable energies and in mechanical engineering. SEEGER-ORBIS sets the standards for technology, innovation, quality and reliability in these market segments.


Automotive & Wind power Industry




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