Improvement of training and work instructions

Challenges & Initiatives

Devices are becoming more complex. This development calls for better learning experiences. G.U.N.T chose Augmented Reality as a tool to improve their device trainings and work instructions.

Augmented reality experience

  • Improved and more flexible learning environment
  • Modern training and work instructions with Vuforia Studio

Better training

  • Increased learning efficiency and effectiveness with reduced cognitive effort
  • Instructions directly at the point of action


  • Hands-on training with faster knowledge transfer


  • Retention and expansion


G.U.N.T. increased their efficiency and effectiveness in training and made their trainings more attractive for students. The company asserted their market leadership, increased market share and created value in the education sector through AR technologies.

Augmented reality experiences add value not only to our customers, but also to all employees who work with Vuforia Studio. This AR technology takes training and job instruction creation to the next level – more efficient, effective and engaging.

Managing Director G.U.N.T

Mr. Heckmann

About G.U.N.T.

G.U.N.T. Gerätebau GmbH has been developing, producing and selling devices worldwide for over 40 years.

These devices are specially designed for the educational sector and are built for teaching at universities, technical colleges and technical or vocational schools. In addition, the company is also active in the field of industrial training equipment.


Industrial Training Devices

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