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Assessment of Design Options for High-Pressure Gas Cylinder using FEA


PDSVISION performed an assessment of design options for high-pressure gas cylinder using FEA for Chesterfield Special Cylinders.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders required some modifications to an existing wide-neck cylinder flanged adaptor. PDSVISION (formerly Wilde Analysis) undertook Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to assess the viability of various options to achieve this objective.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders Customer Story
Fig. 1: HP air bottle flanged adaptor (Courtesy: Chesterfield Special Cylinders)


On an existing wide-neck cylinder, a flanged adaptor is attached using 8 bolts. Removal of these bolts resulted in some of the threads stripping. As part of the refurbishment, it was proposed to use slightly larger bolts where the existing bolts have failed.

However, to minimise the changes to the current design to accommodate these larger bolts, an alternative was to use studs. This would mean that only the tapped holes in the cylinder would need to be modified. An additional concern related to both the selection of material and a geometric feature in the mating face with the vessel.


Finite element methods were used to substantiate the structural integrity of the existing design of the flanged adaptor. Stresses were calculated and compared to the different material’s yield strength to determine the suitability of each choice and the effect of increasing the bolt-hole diameters.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders Customer Story
Fig. 2: Stress plot of stainless steel flange, underside and top-side (Courtesy: Chesterfield Special Cylinders)

Business Benefit

This was a key project that we had originally planned to do in-house, but our internal resources were pushed to the limit. We therefore passed it on to PDSVISION (formerly Wilde Analysis) to complete at very short notice. They responded immediately and completed everything very quickly, with minimal input from us, stepping up to what was a progressive job that needed further work along the way. They pulled it out of the bag very impressively and were the perfect solution to our difficulty. Added to that, PDSVISION provided excellent value for money compared to other companies that we have considered in the past.

Chesterfield Special Cylinders Ltd

Chesterfield Special Cylinders Ltd

Chesterfield Special Cylinders Ltd is world-leading provider of bespoke, high-pressure gas containing solutions. Based in Sheffield, it was established more than a century ago, and specialises in the design and manufacture of cylinders.

Additionally, it offers re-testing and refurbishment services on existing vessels. The company has major clients across the global energy and defence markets.



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