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Delivering Significant Manufacturing Savings at Cerro EMS with DEFORM Software


Cerro EMS is the largest producer of commercial non-ferrous forgings and machined components in the UK. Their success lies in using the most advanced technology to drive their manufacturing process. DEFORM engineering software is a powerful tool that enables Cerro EMS to deliver significant savings for their clients at every stage of the process without compromising on quality.

Cerro EMS Customer Story

The challenge for Wilde was to help us provide at the design stage transparency as to production lead times whilst simultaneously recording and removing potential lamination / fold problems.

Cerro EMS


To meet the constant need for efficient design process cycles and stringent product quality requirements, Cerro EMS recognised that investment in the most advanced, cost-effective technology solutions is essential. They were increasingly aware of the advantages delivered by the simulation of manufacturing processes, including significant cost savings and improvements in both product quality and tooling performance. As leading providers of advanced engineering software, Wilde was asked to advise on the best solution to help Cerro EMS meet their complex requirements.


Wilde identified DEFORM software as the ideal solution. A world-leading software, DEFORM has been specifically designed for the fast and accurate simulation of cold, warm and hot manufacturing operations for preform optimisation, process trouble-shooting and die stress analysis. Another advantage is its modern user interface, making it equally accessible to both production engineers and research scientists.

Wilde demonstrated how DEFORM 3D could provide Cerro EMS with a practical and efficient tool to predict the material flow in industrial forming operations without the cost and delay of shop trials. Used right at the start of the manufacturing process, it would enable them to optimise clients’ designs through predicting product behaviour, testing innovative concepts and validating products, all before manufacturing begins, speeding up production and saving money and resource.

Following Cerro EMS’ purchase of DEFORM 3D, Wilde offered comprehensive software training and technical support to enable their engineers to maximise the benefits of the software.

Business Benefit

The following feedback was provided by Cerro EMS on the benefits obtain from integrating DEFORM 3D within their die design procedures:

Cerro prides itself on a reputation for customer liaison and solution engineering offering a truly scientific solution to a process which was previously considered a “black art” or simply metal bashing. The sample times have greatly reduced and the great majority of laminations and folds are tackled and eradicated within the design procedure. Using DEFORM, we estimate that we have reduced the number of samples required by around 50%

The thermal data recovered has been used to formulate forging temperature parameters required for low leaded brasses which have recently became very prevalent in today’s water fitting and valve market. Any material surface finish deterioration controlled by furnace and adiabatic temperature control. These parameters are now creating interest with our material suppliers. The confidence acquired in material volume and raw stock size has consented bulk material purchase giving a great reduction on initial lead times.

DEFORM 3D is now an integrated part of Cerro EMS’ die design procedure.

Cerro EMS

Cerro EMS

Cerro EMS is part of the Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway company that produces commercial non-ferrous forgings and machined components. Established in 1836, the company has been at the forefront of engineering excellence for almost 200 years.

Today, Cerro EMS are industry leaders in their field, delivering the best of UK innovation through continuous investment in their state-of-the-art manufacturing centres, their commitment to quality and expertly-driven end to end lean manufacturing processes.

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