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CAD in the cloud – the future of CAD

Onshape is the only cloud-based product development platform that combines 3D CAD, PDM, collaboration and analysis tools. Work with Onshape from your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone using any modern web browser.

Onshape is a revolutionary new CAD technology that is only available as a pure Cloud SaaS solution . Onshape has no files, Onshape works purely database based. Collaboration and PDM is part of Onshape. The first CAD system that enables true simultaneous engineering. No system crashes, no implementation effort, no updates… Onshape is up and running in minutes . And that’s not a promise, it’s a fact.

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Onshape streamlines any product development process in no time

3D CAD in the web browser

  • Parts, assemblies, drawings
  • configurations
  • Default Content Libraries
  • Managed in-context design
  • sheet metal tools
  • Import/Export of industry file formats
  • Smart Custom Functions

PDM) Data Management

  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Management of Shares
  • version control
  • Branching and Merging
  • Advanced workflows

Collaboration tools

  • Design review in real time
  • Complete edit history
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Live chat and commenting
  • Secure content sharing
  • Simplified view mode

Security & Audit controls

  • Secure cloud platform
  • Immediate Deployment
  • Immediate de-provisioning
  • Controlling and monitoring access to design data
  • Auditable change logs
  • Reversible change history
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • SOC 2 certification
  • AES-256 and TLS v1.2 encryption

Analytics & Reporting

  • Analysis of projects, users or documents
  • publication of reports
  • newsfeed style activity stream
  • Full draft history and change logs
  • Full draft history and change logs
  • Approval and notification workflows
  • Alerts

Integrations & Partners

  • Enterprise system integrations
  • ERP
  • PLM
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • simulation
  • CAM
  • Documented REST API

100% Product development
0% IT needs

Onshape requires no downloads , no installations and no activation of license keys . You can access Onshape’s cloud-based platform with any modern web browser from your Mac, Windows PC, Chromebook or Linux computer. Admins can provision and remove accounts in no time. The integrated PDM system completely eliminates the need for an additional PDM system with dedicated servers and complicated network infrastructure, software upgrades and licensing.

Onshape frees teams from CAD and PDM maintenance , empowering your design team to spend more time designing and less time solving software issues, locked files, and incompatible file types.

Faster to market

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, it’s no surprise that speed to market is key. Onshape is the only product development platform that works out of the box on any computer or mobile device , empowering teams to collaborate globally and quickly.

Teams can experiment with design alternatives together or independently without interfering with each other’s work, copying or overwriting data.

Risk reduction and protection of intellectual Property (IP)

With traditional file-based CAD, your product designs and intellectual property are subject to unauthorized duplication, data breaches, or even accidental sharing. Onshape’s database-driven architecture eliminates these security risks . There are no files to copy or manage. Designs are saved and tracked with a full version history so you can review or revert changes if necessary. Strict , role-based access control ensures your design data is secure at all times.

Each designer, engineer, contractor, or supplier involved in the product design lifecycle is granted specific permissions and rights.

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