Create photorealistic images directly from 3D CAD

Photorealistic images directly in PTC Creo

A picture is worth a thousand words. For this reason, companies invest a lot of time and money in building physical prototypes to be able to take photos for marketing materials or consumer surveys.

PTC Creo Render Studio Extension is powerful rendering software for creating photorealistic renderings that help you sell your 3D product concepts even more effectively. In addition to generating detailed photorealistic renderings of 3D CAD models, the software also offers extensive image editing tools and special effects. For example, you can change lighting, add dramatic backgrounds, and apply special effects like textures, reflections, shadows, and depth of field. The images you produce with the Creo Render Studio Extension help streamline design meetings and the creation of bids, documentation, and marketing materials, eliminating the need for many expensive prototypes.

Datasheet – Creo Render Extension

With Creo Render Studio, powered by Luxion’s KeyShot ® you can easily generate stunning photorealistic images of your product directly from Creo

How can PTC Creo Render Studio Extension help your team?

  • Create stunning and accurate photorealistic images complete with background and special effects such as textures, reflections, shadows, lighting effects and depth of field
  • More than 200 material types for maximum realism
  • Control costs by introducing new products faster and reducing the need for expensive prototypes
  • Generate additional revenue by using photorealistic renderings to sell new products that haven’t even been manufactured yet
  • Automatically update product images as design changes and develop user-friendly documentation
  • Producing impressive marketing materials that set you apart from the competition

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