Easier construction of the mold assembly

Improve quality, speed, and innovation in the mold base
design and detailing

Many tool and mold-making professionals rely on 2D CAD to design the tooling structure. The PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX) offers the ideal solution for this. Because the solution is process-based and easy to use, the tool and mold maker can work in a familiar 2D environment, harness the power and benefits of 3D, and significantly reduce lead time.

With PTC Creo EMX, users can create tool base layouts in a familiar 2D environment and automatically generate a 3D model to further leverage the benefits of 3D design. The process-driven 2D user interface guides you to the optimal design and is automatically updated as mold bases are developed.

You can also choose from a catalog of standard components (DME, DMS, EOC, FUTABA (Misumi), HASCO, KLA, MEUSBURGER, PEDROTTI, RABOURDIN, STRACK, PROGRESSIVE, NATIONAL, PCS, LKM, etc.) or bring in your customized components.

Datasheet – Creo Expert Moldbase

PTC Creo EMX is an indispensable add-on tool for mold makers and toolmakers that eliminates time-consuming, tedious tasks and the need for data translation that typically slows down the product development process.

How can the PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX) help your team?

  • Accelerate design with simple, process-oriented workflows for automated design and detailing
  • Libraries for 17 tooling/component suppliers (e.g. screws, ejector pins, slides, cooling fittings)
  • Automatic functions for ejector pins, cooling channels and fittings; automatic channel and cooling channel tests
  • Avoids costly rework and reduces cycle times by eliminating errors in a 3D environment
  • Reduce the need for design changes by automatically updating tooling models, drawings, and electrodes

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