Automatically optimize the shape and material usage of your design

Creo Topology Optimization

With Creo Generative Topology Optimization, you set design criteria, goals, and objectives—the software does the rest. The result is parametric CAD geometry that meets your requirements. The hours, days or even weeks of reconstructing optimized “dumb” geometry are no longer necessary. In addition, you are no longer constrained by inherited geometry, established practices, or the danger of over-engineered products.

Generative design autonomously creates optimal designs from a set of system design requirements that you specify, producing a manufacturable design as a starting point or as a final solution. The Generative Topology Optimization Extension (GTO) works in the Creo design environment to easily turn your ideas into reality and automatically delivers a high-quality, lower-cost manufacturable design.

Datasheet – Creo Generative Design

Creo Topology Optimization automates the design process with advanced shape optimization technology for resolution to design criteria, goals, and constraints.

How can the Creo Generative Topology Optimization Extension help your team?

  • Ease of use thanks to the familiar Creo user interface and workflow
  • Familiar ribbon with context-sensitive menus
  • Fast Optimization Setup: You choose design criteria, goals and objectives and your optimized designs are quickly generated
  • Definition of manufacturing conditions for the additive and the traditional manufacturing process
  • Structural, modal and thermal analysis

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