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PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling’s direct approach to 3D design is ideal for companies that need a lightweight and flexible design strategy, to shorten design cycles and quickly create one-off product designs. From the world’s tallest crane to the smallest electromechanical linear drive, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling has helped design teams around the world master complex design changes and deliver award-winning and record-breaking products.

As an indispensable add-on component for 3D product design, PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager orchestrates development efforts and organizes 3D and 2D CAD data and associated files within a central database.

Datasheet Creo Elements/Direct

Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager manages your product design data within a central database, effectively coordinating development efforts without imposing overhead on the team

How can PTC Creo Elements/Direct Model Manager help your team?

  • Automate processes and prevent errors by controlling responsibilities, revisions, and status control
  • Open but controlled access to design data with status updates and notifications
  • Accelerate product development by leveraging existing part and assembly designs with “search” and “used in” capabilities
  • Streamline teamwork with efficient management of associativity of 3D and 2D models, part comparisons, and documents for teams in the same location or distributed teams
  • Load product designs as geometry-less models to work optimally on large assemblies and complex products

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