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Pontus Blomberg


Vuforis Instruct Work Instruction


Vuforia, the award-winning and leading Augmented Reality reality solution-centric suite, now brings the long-awaited ability for industrial enterprises to effortlessly re-use CAD design to anchor work task-related information to the physical products. The workflow is easy without heavy manual coding, testing and troubleshooting. Advanced model calculations happen automatically in the background while authoring the procedure, and the function is used when applicable in the field through the Vuforia Vantage App.

Vuforia Instruct that saw general availability in June ’21 complements Vuforia Expert Capture being stronger, covering a broader set of use cases. Together, they form Vuforia Work Instructions, the ready-to-use solution suite to capture, author, execute, and analyze frontline work and related work instructions, allowing every worker to perform like an expert.

AR as a technology has matured and paved the way to viable and available industrial-grade solutions that provide instant and long-term business benefits!

Interested in more information, please read the blog The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #7 – Vuforia Work Instructions

Want to discuss further or request a demonstration – Contact us here! 

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