The Handyman and The Gentleman – AR #2 Problem Resolution

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Pontus Blomberg

All business’ understand the importance of getting the work done correctly and to standard the first time. The impact on customer satisfaction and profit margins from consistent ‘snagging’ is hugely detrimental in any circumstances and any business.

Frustrating for you of course – But also to the business trying to resolve your issue – It is of course non-efficient, it also results in increased labour costs, extra travelling expenses and time consumed. A situation that is not healthy when things are good, but becomes critical during lean times.

Just a simple deviation from the expectations can cause delays and quickly escalate the situation and impact.

The recent changes to travel, social distancing and home working have had a major impact on both working and home life for us all. From going out to buy food, to allowing tradesman into your home – The rules have changed for us all, and we have all had to adapt and adopt.

One area that has had a noticeable impact on us all, is the inability for services and organisations to deliver their actual service into customer environments.

Global organisations can no longer just send out the experts to solve an onsite problem, and the smaller enterprise or even self-employed tradesman have had to find new solutions to overcome restrictions to onsite tasks.

As future releases arrive, PTC´s Vuforia Chalk will support even more devices through still-frame annotations. The remote expert will this way be given the ability to capture the camera frame, make annotations and send it back to the technician/user as a visual aid. This way Chalk can be powering technicians using lower end and older devices meaning that investment in new hardware is not a necessity to start benefitting and taking a major leap towards the New Normal way of working.

Other Vuforia Chalk enhancements on the roadmap is Multi-Expert Sessions, Recordable Sessions, External Workflow & System Integration, Chalk Teams, Document Sharing, Remote Assistance with Digital Work Instructions and more.

A recent release in October 2020 included Vuforia Chalk for hands free devices, but more of this in my next Blog and Video!

So let’s upscale the scenario in the video. Lets now envisage that a universal part in all installed models, needs replacing in by the business. Considering the risk with potentially unknown configurations, condition, state and additional accessories from both trusted and unknown sources could have been installed. You can send technicians specifically to each model they specialise in which takes time to arrange and longer to complete.

Or potentially, with Vuforia Chalk, you could send them all out at once with the expert centrally based to empower all with the knowledge to complete the task knowing that they have a system handy that can connect to the right expert in order to visually assist and solve any unpredicted situation. You will also be able to send technicians to unfamiliar sites to them, which require adherence to safety.

It is also a tool for the customer – You cut back on time wasted by collaborating, connecting them directly to the experts who can guide and mentor them, whilst gaining a thorough understanding of the troubleshooting required at the same time.

Customer collaboration will also lead to further savings in the long term. By effectively showing the issues in real-time, on site visits will already be well prepared. This again can aid those unfamiliar with a site or layout, a benefit to health and safety for example.

Vuforia Chalk is a practical solution that will continue to develop, ensuring problems can be solved with local resources who may be unfamiliar to the task, but can complete it within a sensible time scale, securely and safely. It will help your business gain more customer satisfaction and trust which of course leads to continued business and contract renewal.

So regardless of whether you are an engineer, a field Technician or safety inspector – Vuforia Chalk enables you to maintain and continue to build a loyal customer base utilising state of the art customer service, delivered via simple and available technology.

Vuforia Chalk therefore to me, solves a huge element of successfully and quickly getting work completed correctly and to standard the first time of asking, and you are up and running without delay, no license management, no configuration, no version control – it is a simple and easy to use true SaaS solution!

Alternatively why not contact us to see how we can help your business? 



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