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Karin Sterndal

Many companies are continuously expanding their utilization of 3D CAD. Both for manufacturing material but also to simplify downstream deliveries such as various documents and reports. The demands for geometry quality in CAD models, as well as well-defined methodology are constantly increasing. Simultaneously, time-to-market is pushed to decrease due to market forces. To further add to the difficulties of using CAD, the success of well-defined methodology and workflows can be restricted by ignorance or unwillingness to follow them. After all, it is easier to continue doing what you always did, even when it might not be the optimum.

So the question is; how to ensure that Creo models are created in the most stable and effective way possible? A first step in this process is to identify status on existing Creo data. When the first investigation and analysis have been performed, the improvement can be initiated. Directed efforts started where needed and potential new resources introduced. A study performed by PTC shows that companies actively working and investing in CAD-optimization and methodology have been able to increase their MCAD efficiency with 30%.

Situation analysis using Expert Model Analysis

When it comes to products, methods and challenges, one company is never the same as the other. However, many companies have some common denominators when it comes to challenges in their 3D CAD data creation. To identify some of these areas PTC have developed a tool called Expert Model Analysis, (XMA). XMA measures and reports quality levels in Creo data based on 50 pre-defined factors. The result is compiled and presented within three main categories:

  • Geometry Quality
  • Design Intent Strength
  • Model Complexity

In the result comprehensible statistics and charts are mixed with in depth explanations to why certain techniques are preferable or not. At PDSVISION the result is then analyzed by experienced experts. The outcome from the analysis are recommendations for further actions. Common suggestions for actions could for example be:

  • Role based training or workshop
  • Investments in tools or extensions
  • Methodology development

To gain the most outcome from XMA possible, it is recommended to run the analysis again after actions have been taken. This to make sure the development is going in the right direction. To gain most value, run the analysis regularly, potentially yearly, to follow the development.

To sum up

XMA is a useful tool that helps measure quality in CAD-models. As previously mentioned, a good first step towards making the creation of CAD data as efficient and optimized as possible. Next steps could be:

  • Continue working preventative and long-term
  • Validated methods
  • Use relevant tools and functions
  • Good support from the business
  • Use built-in controls

All of these are needed to altogether guarantee a high level of quality.

Expert Model Analysis is offered from PDSVISION as a service and cannot be bought as a software. The analysis can be performed separately or included in a more extensive analysis package digging deeper into the business. For more information about XMA, please contact us.

Best regards
Karin Sterndal

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