PDSFORUM – time well invested

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Johan Adelgaard

PDSFORUM – time well invested

“4.5 out of 5 in the score for our workshops”
Participant survey

“The most important and also the best event of the year if you work with PLM”
Participant PDSFORUM2019

In the majority of situations we face, we should consider if time and money are invested wisely. So when it comes to PDSFORUM2020, nothing is different. But year after year it is validated that the networking, knowledge capture, education generates both short and long term gains för organisations participating. Several projects we, have been and are involved in, has its origin in PDSFORUM where an idea has been generated, an approach has been validated or a sounding board connection has been made

Let us take a first look under the hood to get some clarity.

What is PDSFORUM2020?

PDSFORUM2020 is an event where it is possible to meet other engineers, designers, illustrators, and managers and gain insight and understanding of their everyday lives and the situations they are facing. Gain insight into how you can approach a similar situation in your organisation or how to prepare it for future projects and activities.

At the same time, many activities are taking place on the PDSFORUM main-stage to address areas that have been identified as relevant for the audience, where the speaker provides her or his view on the field. Elaboration on how they have taken on a challenge or how a particular situation has been managed. All in a very unselfish way to help its ecosystem and its branch colleagues move forward and improve.

And to be extra precise for those who do not know us at all, this is done in the context of industrial organisations that have development and/or manufacturing of physical products, systems and solutions.

What does a look in the rear-view mirror say?

PDSFORUM as an event has been around now for ten years and PDSFORUM2020 will be forum number 11. Every year the goal has been to refine and improve based on feedback from participants and those who did not decide to go.

What we heard from those who participated at PDSFORUM2019 was that the agenda and the execution of it (on a scale from 1-5) hit the mark of 4.5 when it came to business relevance. This related to how ideas, insight, knowledge presented could be translated into business outcomes on their side.

Topics on the main stage 2019 were for example:

  • Change Management and the journey towards a global PLM system
  • Options and Configuration – from order to complete forklift
  • Focus on MBD
  • Customising Information Structure

Who is the forum for, and who is it not for?

PDSFORUM2020 is for the businesses that have intentions to improve its functions related to design, product development and aftermarket/service. PDSFORUM2020 is for those who might want to explore opportunities to do things differently to gain efficiency and improve productivity.

If your only interested in getting the latest about product updates around, for example, the CAD and PLM family and do not have any need to improve nor act on future changes in the marketplace, then PDSFORUM2020 will not be the best event for you. We will set up additional activities to provide this insight, so stay tuned for more on that.

What will participation bring?

  • A more extensive network to use during future journeys
  • Inspiration related to new areas and opportunities for improvement
  • Knowledge of how to handle certain situations
  • The joy of; new acquaintances, new-found motivation, and more excellent knowledge and insight

What areas will be covered and discussed?

Don’t know if it is fair to answer because what is being discussed in the hallways and between peers is plenty fold. What we lift in our sessions, on the other hand, is topics related to design, engineering, service and aftermarket to inspire, educate and enable.

If we put labels on it based on how for example an analyst would define it, it will be categorised as topics related to: CAD, PLM, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, Aftermarket and Spare and Wear Parts Management.

So, is it worth the investment?

I genuinely hope so. And evidence from our previous forums does indicate that the event is both good, relevant, engaging at the same time that it generates real business value.

And that is our goal and ambition, spread some joy and allow for positive business outcomes for our participants that to some degree, can be traced to the participation of PDSFORUM!

Hope to see you there….

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