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Vuforia View App- Augmented Reality on your smart device

Experiencing dynamic augmented reality experiences is an important step towards Industry 4.0. With the acquisition of Vuforia, PTC brought on board the most advanced technology for displaying augmented reality experiences: Vuforia View. This gives you the ability to bring construction simulations to your desktop and interact with them. Developments on the ThingWorx platform are transformed into AR experiences using Vuforia and viewed using the free Vuforia View app at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

Vuforia View, as part of Vuforia Studio, streamlines service operations and helps prevent errors. The maintenance staff simply scans the ThingMark on a system with their smartphone and the app shows how something needs to be replaced.

Datasheet – Vuforia Studio

Simple, Powerful and Scalable – AR for Everyone

AR use cases for your company

  • Service: manuals and recommendations for action. Better service margins, optimized occupational safety, shorter reaction times, and a higher first-time fix rate
  • Product visualization and demonstrations. Strengthening of sales and marketing through interactive product demos, visualizations, and digital showrooms.
  • Work Instructions. Support workers, streamline manufacturing processes, and improve assembly time, accuracy, and throughput
  • Digital Design Review. Engineers and designers can collaborate anytime, anywhere using virtual prototypes.
  • Task-specific training. Better long-term learning success, better understanding, and higher productivity by using interactive 3D product visualizations in training.
  • Operation: Heads-up Display. Better operator efficiency, fewer errors, and prompts for quick problem identification and resolution
Download the Vuforia View app directly from the App Store , Play Store or Microsoft to experience dynamic augmented reality experiences live with your smartphone.

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