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Vuforia Studio – Build AR experiences with CAD data

Creating dynamic augmented reality experiences is easy with Vuforia Studio. Vuforia Studio transforms your CAD data into immersive experiences so you can better maintain and present products in the connected world. Augmented Reality is the next big step for interactive experiences. With the acquisition of Vuforia, PTC brought the most advanced technology in the field of augmented reality on board: Vuforia View. This gives you the ability to bring construction simulations to your desktop and interact with them.

For better differentiation of the individual PTC technologies, ThingWorx Studio of the Vuforia Engine was renamed. This brings all of PTC’s augmented reality technologies back together under the Vuforia name.

Datasheet – Vuforia Studio

Simple, powerful and scalable – AR for everyone

Why Vuforia Studio?

Vuforia Studio helps you easily design creations, maintain products, and interact with objects in the connected world.

  • Step-by-step guide: Reduce the time it takes your employees to interact with products competently. Visually, the Vuforia View experiences show you how to service a product
  • Smart Connected Products: Create virtual user interfaces on machines and other connected products. This means you can see real-time data from the ThingWorx platform
  • Visualization: Visualize your 3D data in the real world to drive learning, increase security, and make design ideas visible
Brochure – Vuforia Studio

How does Vuforia Studio work?

Since Vuforia Studio was designed for content authors, no programming skills are required to use it. Authors can drag-and-drop experiences in minutes using existing 3D CAD models. The 3D geometry formats Creo View, STEP, IGES, STL, FBX, Collada, OBJ and VRML are supported. This is how Vuforia Studio makes the IoT industry (IIoT) accessible to everyone.

  • Vuforia Studio: Design and annotate new AR experiences based on existing 3D designs. You then release your content to the cloud
  • ThingMark: A unique image, similar to a QR code, located on a physical object. The ThingMark reads the content you sent to the cloud using Vuforia Studio
  • Vuforia View: Download the app, point the camera at the ThingMark and off you go. Vuforia View detects the ThingMark and starts the experience
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With Vuforia Studio you create AR experiences, Vuforia View displays them

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