Empower your workforce by turning expert knowledge into an easy to access resource

Create augmented reality tutorials in no time

PTC’s augmented reality products are designed to transform your teams expert knowledge into reusable learning resources that can then benefit of your entire workforce regardless of location. The Vuforia family of products can rapidly unlock the value of AR-enhanced training and instructions across a range of areas, including:

  • Increasing worker productivity
  • Reducing costs of waste & scrap materials
  • Improving overall safety & compliance
Datasheet – Vuforia Expert Capture

Accelerates your Content Creation

Capture content as the needs arises, without the usual disruption to critical resources or tight schedules. Authoring with Vuforia Expert requires no pre-existing assets or long term development requirements.

Simplify The Transfer Of Knowledge

Pre-built templates make it easy to for your team to create their own AR content Via a secure SaaS environment that provides end-to-end security, users can easily collaborate, edit and share their content without large learning or adoption challenges.

Fully Scalable, Cross-Device Publishing

Automatically publish content across AR headsets (RealWear and HoloLens) as well as mobile devices and tablets. You can also maintain compliance with Microsoft® Word Export procedures.

Easily create, deliver, and scale AR work instructions

Step Check: AI-enhanced visual inspection

One of the most challenging and important processes in manufacturing is to perform quality inspections. In a single shift, it can be challenging to visually inspect hundreds of different products or parts, which increases the possibility of mistakes.

PTC created Step Check, which is a visual inspection feature of Vuforia that is driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV) technology, to increase inspection efficiency and accuracy. Your quality and customer satisfaction will increase when inspections are completed correctly the first time thanks to Step Check’s AI-powered pass or fail alerts that are clearly shown in augmented reality.

  • Visual inspection solution using AI and AR to improve quality checks
  • Automatically compares objects and provides feedback, alerts and reports
  • Automated quality inspection with mobile devices to reduce errors
E-book – Augmented Reality as a Digital Mentor

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