Working on our ways of working – to support our customer projects in a better way

At PDSVISION we strive to be the best at what we do, and we have always been proud of our deliveries and our customer relations. But we do not settle there, we can always do better.

The last years we have been growing organically at a high rate, both within Sweden and expanding globally. PDSVISION has gone from having a focus on the Nordic countries to be a player on the global scene. With support from our new investor CapMan, PDSVISION has plans on continued expansion to further enhance the services and solutions that we provide our customers, partners, and our society.

As we all know, great expansion requires more focus on the organizational structure and internal collaboration. It sets new demands on having clear communication, knowledge sharing, methods and tools. At PDSVISION, we have a strong positive culture and we still want to keep the feeling of being a small large company – a PDSVISION family – but with some improvement in our internal way of working.

This is the reason for our internally supportive role within the Professional Services team; the PMO Manager. A role that provides support and knowledge in our projects and brings structure to our projects.  It gives us benefits ranging from better forecasting and resource allocation to higher clarity and transparency towards our customers.

As the PMO Manager, I have the privilege of seeing our solutions being implemented at companies in varying industries and of varying sizes. I want to make sure that we have the tools, processes and support needed for all the projects we work with to succeed. To me, a successful project is a project where the solution meets the customer requirements and thereby adds value to the customer.

We have therefore actively been working, and continue to work, on our project processes to include structured ways of communicating, analysing risks, manage requirements and report status. With this we want to make the project steering easier, which makes for a better collaborative environment. To see some of the projects we have been working on, have a look at our Customer Stories.

With that said, we keep our fingers crossed for a recovery from the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and look forward to seeing you in person when that is possible.

Take care,

Karin Sterndal, PMO Manager, working from home