Life as a Support Engineer at PDSVISION Support

Working as a support engineer at PDSVISION Support is a varied job and no day is like the other as you get to help different customers with different problems (from 3D CAD as Creo to PLM Windchill or to Mathcad and KeyShot). The help might be regarding anything from creating a box around a note in Creo Parametric drawing to system downs where whole productions are at a stand-still and hundreds of designers are prevented from working. The later requires an urgent

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response and has the highest priority. We prioritize cases where the application does not work as intended, for example when a bug is discovered. If time allows, we try to be of assistance in other issues too, because we want to help.

We receive support requests via e-mail, telephone and through our website when customers have logged the case themselves. We prefer when customers log their cases online because then they fill in the information we need to help them in the best way. Furthermore it helps in the brainstorming to find the solution faster. At the technical support department some days are calm and quiet, and then there are days when it feels like all customers get in touch at the same time, all in panic, requiring answers and solutions right away. We always try to answer everything we receive, even if the answer sometimes is us asking for permission to come back to the customer at a later time.
What distinguishes our technical support from others is that we are personal.
We always try to give that little extra in our customer service, in a relaxed manner, and I think that is why we have many satisfied customers. They know they can trust us.

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I mentioned earlier that working as a support engineer is diverse and we do more than just taking care of incoming cases. We do a lot of consulting, help customers with installations and configurations, programming and developing systems, we are responsible for the continuous monitoring of Windchill PDMLink servers, and more. Right now I am on a long-term assignment at a customer. It is fun to be stationed at the customer’s office and first-hand see how things work in large global industrial companies. Working with this customer, I have been taking on great responsibilities of their Windchill PDMLink installation, helping them with programming and developing customizations and I also help them with support of Creo and Windchill PDMLink. Getting to help clients face-to-face is a new experience for me since I previously have only helped customers over the phone and by a remote computer connection.

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As a support engineer it sometimes feels like you are moonlighting as a psychologist. There are many who just want to talk to about their CAD-related problems with someone who understands. It can be regarding anything from a bug that has been discovered in the program to talking about functionality that has been removed or changed. And of course we listen, because in the end, that is what support is all about. That the customer is feeling noticed and getting the help that they need. And that is what I think makes a good support engineer.

In my next blog post I will give you five great tips from us at the support team!

Take care!